Meet Our Officers, Directors and Chair's

Meet the most important supporters and leaders of our organization.


Michael Johns
Mike founded Kids Day Of Fishing along with his father Larry Johns.

Kids day of Fishing was chartered as a volunteer non-profit organization

Oct. 9th 2007. Mike and his family business, Mail Mart Plus, have been a key factor to the success and growth of Kids Day of Fishing. Working with special needs children has became a life-long passion for Mike. We continue to grow and we serve up to 1000 children each year. Mail Mart Plus closed January 14th 2016 Mike now owns and operates Capt..Mike's Mobile Services.

"Their Joy is my Reward"

Richard Scholl

Richard is a retired Rail Road worker

and long time resident of Fairfield.

Rich enjoys fishing and the outdoors

and loves working with the kids.

Rich has been with Kids Day of Fishing

from the start and has been a key factor

in the organization and management of

our events. Richards passion as rod and reel

tackle and events set up chair has empowered

him as one of our #1 members. 


Mitch Mitchum

For over 14 years I have been involved

in several community organizations.

Among the many passions I have in life,

fishing is right at the top. Whether it's

fishing in a creek or doing my favorite

fishing in the ocean. Another one of

my passions is the art of photography.

From wildlife to still life, or my favorite

type of photography, street art on

train cars; I've learned to enjoy the

worlds wonderful and amazing sites.

Phyllis Mitchum

The Fix It Chick

Copy Service Repair Specialist.

Community Volunteer...

Works Great with the Kids.

Phyllis is a key factor to our success

as a organization and propelled to our number one member for several years.

M. Irene Ramirez

Irene has many skills and is very involved with the kids in her church doing learning projects

games, outtings and more. House keeping, cleaning and seamstress along with outdoor hobies has been her life. She is very caring and loving and works well with the kids. Sunshine to the beauty of the worrld of service to the kids.

Lee Johns

Lee is a computer exspert and mainframe specialist. Lee worked for Sprint and is now retired. Lee has been a part of the organization / suporter since the start and now has joined as an executive member.

Lee works great with the kids and is a judge at some of our events hands out candy and joy to the kids, an inspiration to us all.

Lee has passed in gods hand and lifts he kids to fullfill their dreams. Love you Lee as so many do.


Renee Mayea

Renee has been a member of

Kids Day of Fishing for many years

and as our Media chair has been outstanding.

Renee is also involved with fund raising

and has been a key factor in the growth of our Organization.