It's Easy to Support Us

We are a all volunteer non-profit organization and depend on donations from sponsors, business supporters and members to fund our program of events. 

We are thankful for any kind of monetary donation or in kind donation of useable products or goods, we also can use donations of any outdoor activity prize gift for kids ages 3 thru 13, we use these gifts to give to the kids at our events.

We also love to partner with other non-profit volunteer organizations that support youth programs in our community. Please contact us via the Contact Form.

Your Support Does not Have to Be Just monetary or in Kind! To work with the kids, we do not just need donations, but also helping hands that are willing to work. We need as many volunteers as we can get. Just contact us via the Contact Form.


Kids Day Of Fishing, Inc.
1730 Sycamore Drive
Fairfield, CA 94533                             Tax ID# 36-4618054



We have 3 events each year and serve up to 1000 kids and families.

We also have fundrasing events / Golf / Fish Fry's Ect.


All of our events are planned, conducted and funded free of charge by Kids day of Fishing, Inc. We provide hosting opportunities to Community Service Organizations such as Kiwanis Clubs, Lions Clubs and Rotary clubs in addition to other community service groups who all provide assistance on the day of our events.


Our organization depends upon community support for funding. Should you desire to provide monetary and or participating support to our program we offer several levels of participation. Please download our Sponsorship, membership application form and send it in to us along with your donation.


In kind donations for fishing events include:

1. Caps and events T-Shirts.

2. Fishing rods, reels, tackle, and bait to fish; all given to the kids for their continued use.

3. We stock the ponds with a generous supply of fish to insure the success of each child.

4. We provide awards and prizes.

5. Barbeque lunch is provided for all children and partcipating adults.


Kids Day of Fishing, Inc is a non-profit volunteer organazation and donations can also be sent in by check to Kids Day of Fishing 1730 Sycamore Drive Fairfiel, CA 94533

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Kids Day of Fishing #1 Member Richard Scholl
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